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Enrichment Programs

Enrichment Programs


At Bella Bee Academy, we believe that a well-rounded education begins early in life.  While we do include music and physical activities as part of our regular curriculum, we also offer several enrichment opportunities for children to explore and develop interest in music, exercise, and foreign language.  While we offer these opportunities for their own sake and believe strongly in their intrinsic value, we also recognize their importance to later academic success for children.


Mr. Bobby, a degreed and experienced music educator, teaches the Bella Bee music enrichment program.  Kids explore their singing voices, rhythm and melody, movement, listening skills and other fundamentals which lead to a richer engagement with all kinds of music.  Music class takes place between the morning and afternoon sessions, from 12:15-12:45 pm.  Music class takes place on Tuesday’s for an additional $25/month.

Monkey Bus

The Monkey Bus provides an opportunity for kids to learn about health, nutrition, exercise and their bodies, in a fun and cooperative environment.  Monkey Bus classes are led by trained “coaches” who follow a fun tumbling and stretching curriculum.  Monkey Bus takes place between the morning and afternoon sessions, from 12:15-12:45 pm.  Parents may choose Monday or Friday classes for an additional fee.


Bella Bee provides in-class Spanish enrichment through the “Cincinnati Spanish Academy” program.  Kids meet once a week during the school day to learn basic Spanish vocabulary through games, songs, and crafts.  The “Cincinnati Spanish Academy” program is taught by a trained teacher who follows a professionally developed curriculum. The Spanish program is available for an additional fee.  The schedule for 2016-2017 is yet to be determined.

Soccer Shots

Bella Bee provides Fall and Spring beginner soccer classes for children to learn the love of the sport without the competition. “Trainers” come to the school for fun group activities from 12:15 – 12:45pm for an additional fee on Friday’s during the school year.


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