Bella Bee Academy

New Website Up and Running!

New Website Up and Running!


Bella Bee families, greetings from your friendly neighborhood web designer.  With input from Kristin and several of the teachers, I have updated and revised the Bella Bee website to be a better representation of a great preschool.  Please take the time to look around and give us your thoughts, and let us know if you see anything that could use a few tweaks.  This site is here to let the world know what a great option Bella Bee is for children in eastern Cincinnati, and it is also here to be a source of pride for current parents.  So drop us a line with your comments!

I designed the site with several guiding principles.

  1. Give the site a professional look – one that reflects the professionalism of our teachers and staff.
  2. Give the site a friendly feel that welcomes preschool shoppers into the Bella Bee family.
  3. Give the site a vibe that uniquely showcases the personality that is Bella Bee Academy.
  4. Provide the most up to date and useful information for users, both preschool shoppers and current families.
  5. Provide clear and simple navigation to access that information.

I hope that I have succeeded in expressing, in web form, the great school I know Bella Bee Academy to be.

Thank you!

Bella Bee Web Designer

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