Bella Bee Academy

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Bella Bee Academy believes in “Learning and Play in Balance.”

We are a high quality preschool with a well-defined curriculum.

We offer a program rich in developmentally appropriate materials and activities.

We take a systematic approach to learning and recognizing letters.

We focus on print, letter sounds and expanding children’s vocabulary through stories and pictures.

We ignite our students’ interests in literacy and language.

We build a foundation which helps students make the transition to kindergarten.

We prepare children for the more structured environment they will encounter in kindergarten.

We foster the social and emotional development of each child.

We emphasize learning to share and making friends.

We encourage children to have fun and learn through play.

We enhance children’s preschool experience with multiple enrichment offerings.

We provide a safe and comfortable environment in which your child will learn and grow.

We love and care for your child as we would our own.

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