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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:


Tuition and Fees

In the Classroom

Enrichment Programs

Admissions and Starting School

Family Involvement

Health, Safety and Security


General Information:

Mission Statement:

Bella Bee Academy was established to provide quality education to children ages 2 – 5 in a safe and loving environment.  Our staff is equipped with the education and experience to recognize the importance of balanced growth through a variety of creative and academic experiences.  Children at Bella Bee Academy are encouraged to learn and explore with the guidance of our teachers at their own speed in areas that interest them including literacy, math, science, and social studies.

What is our overall curriculum?

Bella Bee Academy offers children a program rich in developmentally appropriate materials and activities, with a strong focus on literacy and language.  These skills are beneficial and necessary as they move on to kindergarten.  Our curriculum ensures that your child is kindergarten ready.  We take pride in our “Letter Program,”  a systematic approach to learning and recognizing letters which builds a foundation to help children transition to kindergarten.  We help children write their own name, increase their print recognition and expand their vocabulary through stories and pictures.  An equally important focus of the program is the social/emotional development of each child, with the emphasis on helping children learn to share and foster healthy friendships and relationships.

What are some key skills children gain?

Children gain an increased use in scissor and fine motor skills, an increased interest in reading and writing, enhanced self-esteem, decrease in discipline problems and more focused attention on tasks.

What ages do you serve?

We serve ages 2 thru 5.  Children must be of age by September 30th of the school calendar year.

What are the hours of operation?

We are a part-time preschool and are open Monday-Friday from 9:00am-12:00pm and 12:45pm-3:45pm.  We are open September thru May and typically follow the Forest Hills Local School District schedule.

What is the first day of school for 2017 – 2018?

The 2017 – 2018 school year will begin the week of September 10th. See the Hive Calendar for specific class start dates.

Who can pick up my child from school?

Only the legal parents or someone listed on the “Escort Authorization Form”  Photo ID is required at the time of pick-up.

Does my child need to be toilet trained?

Children do not need to be toilet trained to attend Bella Bee Academy.  We will work with you and celebrate success.

For what holidays is Bella Bee Academy closed?

Please see the school calendar for all school closings.

Tuition and Fees

What is the cost of tuition?

For current tuition rates, please visit the Tuition page.

Can I pay tuition monthly?

Yes!  We charge a small fee for all tuition that is paid in installments.  Please see the Tuition page for more details.

How much is the registration fee?

We charge a $65 non-refundable registration/supply fee.


In the Classroom

What are the student/teacher ratios in the classrooms?

      • 2 year old class: 1:4
      • 3 year old class: 1:7
      • 4 year old class: 1:8

Are you a faith-based school?

No, Bella Bee Academy is not affiliated with any faith.  We share a space with Faith United Church of Christ but do not teach any religious curriculum.

Will my child move to an older class during  the school year?

No.  We do not transition children during the school year.  Children at Bella Bee Academy remain in the same class with the same children during the entire 9 month school year.

What is your policy on discipline?

Bella Bee Academy adheres to a discipline policy of redirection or “cooling off.”   Children in our program are encouraged to use problem solving skills with the help of their teachers.  We help them develop self confidence and manage their behavior in a way that does not damage their self esteem. If a more serious problem arises, teachers request a conference with parents.

How often do the children go on field trips?

Children in our 4 year old program go on either in-school or destination field trips monthly.

Do you serve an snack or lunch?

Families pack a lunch for their child.  We consider healthy eating habits, well-balanced meals, table manners and eating together socially to be a part of our curriculum.


Enrichment Programs

What type of programs do you offer?

We currently offer Spanish, Music, Soccer and Monkey Bus programs to our morning and afternoon children.

When do enrichment programs take place?

Music, Soccer and Monkey Bus take place between the morning and afternoon school sessions.  Spanish is offered as a “pull-out” program during the regular school day.

Admissions and Starting School

 How old does my child have to be to begin school?

Children must be “of age” by September 30th of the school calendar year to be enrolled in the class.  Our school year begins the second week of September each year, however, children may enroll in a class at any time as long as we have availability in that particular class.

What is the application process for new students?

Interested parents and students may tour the preschool and gather all necessary forms for enrollment.  All paperwork must be completed and turned into the preschool before the student can start school.  Forms are also available for download online on the Forms page.

Is there an orientation before school starts?

Orientation for all new and current families is in August before each school year.  Families receive the date of orientation through email and in the mail.  The information will also be made available on the website at The Hive.


Family Involvement

How can families get involved?

Families have many opportunities to get involved during the school year.  Parents may join us for parties, field trips, lunch, and many other volunteer opportunities.  Please contact us if you’d like to get involved in any way.  Involved families are our children’s greatest strength.

How do you communicate with families?

Bella Bee Academy communicates through email, Facebook, flyers (communication going home in backpacks), and our website.


Health, Safety and Security

How do you secure the building?

The building is locked during all hours of operation.  In addition, children may only be picked up by someone listed on the “Escort Authorization Form.”  Photo ID is required at the time of pick-up.

How do you handle allergies?

Any child with a severe allergy has a Medical Physical Care Plan on file.

Are peanuts allowed in the school?

We allow some of our classrooms to have peanut products.  However, if a child has an allergy, we declare that classroom environment nut free.

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